Questo progetto artistico ha il solo fine di raggiungere più menti possibili, attraverso le note.

STEEO (Stefano Ruggiero) nasce a Torino nell’agosto del 1972. La musica entra nel suo essere quando, appena adolescente, inizia ad amare il grande Rock 60/70. Il particolare che, forse, traccia inconsciamente il suo futuro avviene nel 1979 quando in televisione vede passare lo storico video “The Hall” (PINK FLOYD). A diciassette anni compone le sue prime liriche. Percorre la strada della musica solamente con le note che egli stesso compone. Molte sono le influenze artistiche, ma nessuna “cover” prende spazio nel suo cammino, determinato a porre le proprie impronte nell’Olimpo della musica…. Dal 2009 Steeo entra nella scuderia dell’Electromantic (B. Crovella) con il suo spacerock/psycomelodic.prog con EP “Four Eyes In The Silence” . Nell’album hanno partecipato “3 arti&mestieri” Beppe Crovella, Marco Roagna, Roberto Cassetta, Marco Fenocchio.

Oggi , per la versione live altri musicisti collaborano al progetto…..

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STEEO (Stefano Ruggiero) was born in Turin in August 1972. The music comes in its being when, as a teenager, he began to love the great Rock 60/70. The detail that, perhaps unconsciously trace his future is seen on television in 1979 when passing the historic video “The Hall” (PINK FLOYD). At seventeen he composed his first opera. Along the path of music only with notes that he himself composed. There are many artistic influences, but no “cover” takes place in its path, determined to break his mark in music …. Since 2009 he enters the stable dell’ Electromantic Steeo (B. Crovella) with his Spacerock / psychomelodic.prog with EP “Four Eyes In The Silence. ” The album was attended by “three arts & crafts” Beppe Crovella, Marco Roagna, Roberto Cassetta, Mark Fenocchio.
Today, for the live version other musicians in the project … ..


Review – HARMONIE MAGAZINE RockProgressif/France Raymond Serine. ( Harmonie Magazine – France )FOUR EYES IN THE SILENCE By STEEO (Electromantic Music)

Steeo is the project of the singer-guitarist Stefano Ruggiero of Turin. Has availed itself of the collaboration of three members of the arti & mestieri: the second guitarist Marco Roagna, the great Beppe Crovella on keyboards and Roberto Cassetta on bass and Marco at Fenocchio’s on drums.

This album is clearly a tribute to Pink Floyd and the Group’s two periods: the first psychedelic and second symphonic prog. Here we have of remakes but entirely original compositions in the spirit of this cult band so heard.

We have here all the arsenal Floydian distributed: Echoes vocals, guitar entry in lascivious, suspended or very energetic keyboards, pause constants, breaks tones, lovely ballads, long psychedelic incantations, pop melodies charms to Sid Barrett, great emphasis and atmospheres. A territory well known by everybody, but rediscovered and retraced in long and wide across ten compositions and magical fifty minutes. As the dear Simone Rossetti had done with The Watch for Genesis, Stefano Ruggiero incorporates the fundamentals of Pink Floyd and appropriates to summarize them nowadays in a brilliant exercise well away from the copy/paste. The result is amazing and high quality. For lovers of Pink Floyd, have fun!

Steeo est le projet du chanteur-guitariste turinois StefanoRuggiero. Celui-ci s’est entouré de trois membres de Arte e Mestieri :Marco Roagna en second guitariste, l’immense Beppe Crovella aux claviers et Roberto Cassetta à la basse, ainsi que de Marco Fenocchio à la batterie.

Cet album est clairement un hommage à PinkFloyd et aux deux périodes que connût le groupe, l’une psyché,l’autre prog symphonique. Pas de reprises ici mais des compositions originales totalement dans l’esprit de ce groupe culte que nous avons tant écouté.

Tout l’arsenal floydian ici déployé : voix en écho, guitare lascive, claviers en apesanteur ou tout en énergie, breaks constants,ruptures de tons, ballades enchanter esses, longues incantations psychédéliques, mélodies pop àla Syd Barett, grandes emphases et climats atmosphériques.

Un territoire bien connu de tous, mais redécouvert et arpenté de long en large à travers dix compositions et cinquante minutes magiques.

Un peu comme le cher Simone Rossetti à pu le faire dans The Watch pour Genesis, Stefano Ruggiero reprend les fondamentaux du Pink Floyd et se les approprie pour les remettre au goût du jour dans un exercice brillant, bien éloigné du copier/coller.

Le résultat est saisissant et de grande qualité.

Raymond Serine. ( Harmonie Magazine – France ), THE ULTIMATE PROGRESSIVE ROCK MUSIC WEBSITE.

STEEO is the child of Stefano Ruggiero basically, an artist living in Turin/Italy. The compositions are bearing a solid psych prog fundament, obviously including some kind of Pink and some kind of Floyd. With ‘Four Eyes In The Silence’ he has produced a rather interesting album after gathering a band of excellent musicians, for example to name second guitarist Marco Roagna. Besides Ruggiero’s vocal presence Beppe Crovella’s multi-varied keyboard contributions are striking most in my opinion.

The starting ballad Rejoice sounds like produced on the dark side of the moon in some way – but when turning away from this simplifying comparison you will detect some really nice melancholic guitars and mellotron/electric piano impressions. At least with I’m In Love Ruggiero begins to leave the common path oriented at his paragons, implements individuality more and more. On One Day the album is changing to an up-tempo rocking behaviour for the first time and Meaningless ‘releases the brakes’ at the latest.

For die-hard psych/space prog fans the last track Macro is probably designed to be the album highlight, a nice impulsive cosmic excursion. The most experimental point here including samples and violin – well done folks!.’ Four Eyes In The Silence’ is deeply inspired by Pink Floyd, however provided with enough uniqueness in order to state that this is a recommended purchase. A successful album, less experimental, more focussed on charming ballads and catchy melodies, let’s say swaying between psych prog and psych pop. This worthy approach deserves 3 stars really.

Reviewed: RIVERTREE Uwe


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