Residents Of The Future perform original tunes written and arranged mostly by guitarist and band former Yuval Ron. The music reveals influences of modern jazz icons, and a mixture of many other contemporary artists from the progressive rock, fusion and metal genres. The music places a constant emphasis on harmonic richness, rhythmical sophistication, dialogue between the players and an extensive use of synthesizers, laptops and other electronic instruments. After more than six years being based in Israel, Residents Of The Future have regrouped in Berlin, Germany, bringing together four internationally rising talents from the next generation of jazz-rock fusion.

The material blends fascinating compositions and spectacular solo improvisations and leads to a musically electrifying experience.

The band has performed at a variety of venues worldwide – from Europe through North America to New Zealand, and gained extremely supportive feedback and recognition from audiences, the media and fellow musicians. It has recently released their first full-length album “Residence Of The Future” (Electromantic Records), added to prior release “Live at Klaipeda International Jazz Festival”, which is a free online video viewed in its entirety at the ROTF website.

Yuval Ron – Electric Guitar
Rolf Langhans – Keyboards, Laptop
Roberto Badoglio – Bass
Yatziv Caspi – Drums
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From the Press:

”Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future give the fusion world something to be proud of. To have young men of their age carrying the torch of the genre so highly, and with so much flavor and flair, one cannot help but be impressed. They pay homage to the fusion greats, as can be clearly heard in their music, but they also add their own totally unique attitude and touches to the tunes they perform. Clearly, the torch has been passed to the next generation. And fusion fans such as myself could not be more pleased.” – Jazz Rock World blog

“ Take refined artistic prowess, add modern electronic technology, Middle Eastern musical modes, the pulse of North American fusion Jazz …. then add plenty of chutzpah…., and you end up with the exciting works of Yuval Ron and his quartette from Israel. Focusing primarily on their own compositions, this collection of well-crafted contemporary material is further testimony to the universal appeal of Jazz for the creative residents of all cultures. Broad sweeps of musical texture, intriguing harmonic progressions, cutting edge melodic ideas and sophisticated syncopations mirror the works of late Twentieth Century fusion ensembles. Yuval Ron and Residents Of The Future seem to be reminding us that, as in their part of the world, the past and the future will meet in the present.” – Robin H.S Munro, Vortex Magazine